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This is the story of Clay, a lovable little soft toy character that was developed by local resident Anna Narday.

Kids love him, he travels all over the world and he's one of the main characters in a series of books called Clay and Katie.

Katie is a young girl with a very active imagination.
Clay, well...Clay is...whatever you want it to be. Whatever it is, it's certainly Katie's best friend and can be yours too! 

Clay came to life from a worn pair of pajamas. One morning, I was playing with our dog when she grabbed my sleeve and it tore. The pjs were old so I ripped the sleeve off and wrapped it around a ball and we continued to play. We were having a great time. As I threw it around, it started to come to life. I grabbed the sewing box (not that I can sew, but I figured I’d give it a shot). On went the legs and feet, on went the ears and tail and then I grabbed an old pair of jeans (at least I hope the jeans were old!) and voila! Eyes and a nose. 

I spent the next few weeks placing it in various locations around the house and CLAY was born. My neighbour's two year old little girl loved Clay right away and I realized then, that I needed to get Clay into a story and share it with everyone.


Cuddly, loving, adorable and yours - Clay!

Clay doll LG_edited.png




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